Nanomics Alliance Research & Innovation

Nanomics has served multiple industries with their Nano material requirements. With strong alliances the company possesses ready to launch innovations (i.e. formulas) that are suitable for a particular industry requirement. Nanomics has extensive experience in developing new innovative formulas that helps its clients in achieving their business objectives.
Nanomics Provides Solution for Industries wherein, without changing the methodology of manufacturing process, they can enhance morphological properties such as strength, durability, thermal resistance, electrical conductivity and many more features as per their requirement
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If you are looking at Nano Products as a solution for your industry we request you to provide us with the necessary requirement and based upon that we can accordingly deliver you with the best solution.
We provide Nanotechnology solutions for various archetypes that can serve various requirements of clients from diverse industries.
Nanomics Technologies Pvt. Ltd. has a analytical division in place that intends to provide a broad spectrum of Nano-analytic services backed by state-of-the-art instrumentation and unmatched experience in analytical applications. We also provide high quality Nano-analytical services to its clients within the Nanotechnology space using SEM/TEM, AFM-Surface Analysis and TDM-EDS techniques.
Nanomics is owing for Research and Development in Nano technological arena, which in due course of time will be fulfilled.

If you have a requirement please contact us and we will get back to you in no time.

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