Nanomics will be keen on doing a joint venture or collaboration with a foreign partner in the field of:
  • Nanotechnology and Nano technological Applications for use in Pharmaceutical, Automotive, Railways, Paints and Pigments, Construction and Aeronautic, space, energy, defence and other sectors.
  • Nano Structured Materials and Metal Powders and Nano allied products.
Nanomics believes in developing products that are perfect fit for industrial requirement thus enabling it to be in line with client’s expectations. The company succeeds on providing everyday solutions to various industrial problems for its clients.
Nanomics focuses on Industry requirement and delivers excellent solution by leveraging its superior research capabilities. Primarily the company’s goal is to:
  • Develop new innovative products that help clients achieve industrial growth.
  • Create products backed with new processes and technologies that revolutionizes the Global Nanotechnology enabled industries by forming new opportunities with the support of the industry sector and industrial collaborators.
The company has strived to develop and stimulate a culture of commercialization with its alliance partners. In addition to this the company has developed strategies to support the client’s commercialization and industry engagement.
The unique combination of Nanomics’s diverse capabilities and experience allows it to provide engineering and manufacturing solutions for a broad range of applications and industries.
Professionals at Nanomics are ready to assist you with any requirements or concerns you may have. We suggest you to contact us for further clarification.

Infinite wonders at nano level

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