About Us

Nanomics Technologies Pvt. Ltd., headquartered in Bengaluru is a leading Nano products and service provider with extremely high quality standards. We offer a wide range of services such as Nano materials, Nano products and Nano Analytics services that meet global standards.

The company is founded and promoted by Mr. M. Subramanyam. He is the Director at Nanomics Technologies who completed his M.Sc from Bangalore University. He has a rich experience in the industry, working with Glaxo Smith Kline and HI Media Laboratories. He has keen interests in the fields of Nano-science and technology. You can reach him at info@nanomics.in

Nanomics ensures excellent quality while manufacturing its products which are specifically developed keeping in mind its client’s requirements. Our vision is to be the best Nano technology provider to our global clientele. We have also devised various strategic programs to partner with industries and institutions in Japan, Germany and USA.

Our primary objective is to deliver world-class products and services catered to the Indian market and eventually become experts with in the country with an aim to penetrate the global market. Nanomics is extremely proud of their Research and Development Alliances, which has allowed the organization to showcase excellent products to the world.

Our Objective

Our primary objective is to:

  • To become the most preffered Nanotechnology provider in India
  • Offering world class Nanotechnology solutions to client
  • To reach out to every possible industry requiring Nanotechnology Services globally

Our Vision

‘To be a leading provider of Nanotechnology products and services offering the best solution to all industries around the globe.’

Nanomics business vision will be based on products and services which would be unique, innovative and at par with any International Nanotech product or brand.

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